Coffins and Caskets

We have a range of caskets and coffins for sale that suit a
variety of different financial, cultural, religious and environmental needs



Avondale Dark Walnut

Avondale Rosewood

Avondale White

Davidson Maple

Davidson Rosewood

Davidson White


Majestic Golden Oak

Majestic Rosewood

Majestic White

Regal Golden Oak – Fixed handles

Regal Golden Oak – Swingbar handles

Regal Maple – Fixed handles

Regal Maple – Swingbar handles

Regal Rosewood – Fixed handles

Regal Rosewood – Swingbar handles

Regal White – Fixed handles

Regal White – Swingbar handles

Singleton White

Singleton Red Cedar

Singleton Rosewood

Coffins – Solid Timber


Caskets – Timber

Florence Rosewood
Florence White

Grecian Urn Rosewood

Grecian Urn Red Cedar

Grecian Urn White


Greenature Range

Greenature Banana
Greenature Pandanus Infant
Greenature Pandanus
Greenature Wicker Infant
Greenature Wicker

Our Commitment

Our promise and commitment to produce eco-friendly coffins and caskets in our GreenatureTM range is approved by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Our care and attention is placed in the manufacturing and prestige craftmanship of our products. All our GreenatureTM products are made with natural material sourced in Indonesia. We are proud to support the skills of local artisans in Indonesia to craft our GreenatureTM range.

Wrapped Coffins

Dolphins - Complete Wrap
Dolphins - Gloss
Floral - GloSS
Footprints in the Sand
Ned Kelly

Caskets – Metal

Diplomat Stainless
Emperor Copper
Franklin Bronze

Baby Coffins

Baby White
Child White
Greenature Pandanus
Greenature Wicker

Infant White

Precious Angel Pink

Precious Angel Blue

Bioboard Cremation Casket


Cross & Cross on Stand
Grave Marker
White Grave Marker