About Us

We are a funeral home like no other;
warm, accepting of all faiths and all cultures.

People, People, People.

Our funeral home is comfortable for viewings, small services for family and friends.

Burials, cremations and home returns (repatriations) are services that we deliver. We have access to a variety of chapels, crematoriums and cemeteries throughout Queensland.

Locations serviced include North Brisbane, South Brisbane, Logan, Cleveland, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Northern QLD and many more locations. WHERE EVER YOU ARE WE ARE, 24/7 open doors.

Flowers, ministers, celebrants, coffin choices,
embalming, hearse, advertisements, viewings, dressings,
orders of service, programs are items that are also
available on request.

Our prices are affordable and fair. We can tailor
funeral costs to your budget and deliver the most remembered and pleasing outcome.

Cultural awareness, traditions and religious beliefs are respected. You will always feel comfortable and most welcomed. Please be assured that your loved one is in the most sacred care.

I Love a

I love a people that have always made me welcome to the very best that they had.

Who are honest without laws.

Who keep the commandments without ever having read or heard them preached.

Who love their neighbors as they love themselves.

Whose religion is all the same, and who are free from religious animosities.

Who have never fought a battle, except on their own ground.

Who live and keep what is their own without lock
and keys.

Who do the best they can.

And oh how I love a people who don’t live for the
love of money.

“He aha te mea nui o te Ao?
What is the most important thing in the world?
He Tangata, He tangata, He tangata!
It is people, It is people, It is people!”